Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
updates have to wait .. until I work out the "why" about some of what I see

what i really need here is to find some LOCAL people .. where I can talk IN PERSON

just as things were starting to look like things were starting to settle down and I could start rebuilding things
(not just onlike - but pretty much everything else too) , all hell breaks loose again

I can't live with this

I can't see any way to any way to live with that

I might pull the plug on anything that doesn't start explaining any of this

I can't do any blind faith stuff

if I end up pulling the plug on two decades of my life I no doubt I will look for other ways to what I love

I can't live in a world without passion

and passion can NEVER be about anything so boring as points scoring
that is boring, was always boring and will always be boring

nothing can change that

if it comes to that could someone at least get in touch to help document two decades spraci's history

anyne that was inviolved over the years is as always welcome but also anyone else too ..

that isn't just about me or what I remember ..  

anyone who contributed in any way however small .. even if it was just a listing or post or even looked at the listing and went an event they saw there.
that would be a lot of people over the years.

even if I do see some way for spraci to exist and it does continue I'd STILL like to document its history and would appreciate advice about how to do it.

email me at the .com address if you have any suggestion
(or if you are local call me and lets chat in person)


regarding unexplained code changes out there - i can see what some of that does, but I do need answers to the why questions.  and clear ones .. not wishy-washy hints that don't say much except worsen the climate of fear.

if I pull the plug I will know doubt be one of many .. and that many would plenty of others where anguish like "decades of my life" comes up..

hopefully I might meet some of them in person in future adventures

that hope is probably all thats left ..  

without it it would would become impossible to even live..

but hope cannot just be that for long.

much longer and Ill probably pull the plug on the interenet generally
(even if that means pulling the plug on pretty much everything about "career" in the past couple of decades .. sure that hurts but what else can I do? .. there is a limit to how much a human being can take of the kind of crap that seems to be taking over everything in recent years)

anyone with anything on spraci (any part of it) they still  want email me  at the .com address

but don't take too long because unless I say a way forward for anything soon or someone willing to help or even offer advice on any of it .. I might soon pull the plug on ALL of it.

even if it goes that for any advice on documenting its (over two decades of) history would be appreciated.

yes its a call out for anyone who can help in any way .. any idavice ,, anything that isn't silience or fear ..
or even to just remember better times.. whatever ..

but do it soon...  while you still can

I guess some of that should also be contributed to a larger project documenting internet history ..

if such a project exists out there.

well if one doesn't turn up soon then I don't see much hope of finding it later in a world of censorship everyhere.

if you have something to say try to find a way to talk in person ..

becaue if things keep going like this it won't be long till that might be the only way.

if I do "pull the plug" .. that might not just be about websites

if it comes to that ... no point complaining abot "fragmentation"  ..
not doubt billions of others will have pulled those cables out.

yes it hurts me deeply to even consider so totally turning my back on decades of my life, and that includes pretty much all that might resemble a "career" .. what next is unknown too and that is frightening ..
but there is only so much any human can take of the kind of hell some haters out there unleashed.

no doubt the brown stuff will hit the fan one day about that stuff and when it does I'll probably joing the queue for compensation..

until then for the nice people out there (the majority) maybe well meet on person one day ..
or maybe will cross paths in some new communications context that doesn't exist yet.

well when enough people start missing what they forgot about some might start building something
if any humans still exist by then.
Michael MD
yeah typos ..

I don't care