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I guess I felt like kicking up a bit of doof dust  :-)


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(repost - a quick noodle I uploaded last week)

#techno #acid #psytrance
ivan zlax
Nice tune. Is it analogue or digital sound?
Michael MD
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

(could be theme-related but... and its currently the default theme here anyway)

When looking at an incoming connection request, where is the link to their public profile
(to see it on their site)

the only link I see there is a local one

The reason for posting this is this;

I just received a connection request
(from a diaspora site but for this it probably doesn't really matter which network it comes from)

Their profile nick had a gambling-related word in it so wanted to check just in case it could be spam.

The local profile view was only blank.

I ended up having to retype it to go to their site .. (annoying)

When I went to look at their remote profile their site
displayed a message saying that the account had been deleted.
( "their site" just meaning the site they use - it was a public server)

An account being deleted so soon after making connection requests could also be a hint that it could have been a spammy connection request!

so worth checking and whether or not that connection request was actually spam finding out that it was a deleted account is good too
(to avoid approving a connection to something that doesn't exist!)

of course Its good to have the local link there too

so why not have both?
Mike Macgirvin
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The chanview app (which is called when you click a profile link from the directory or from your connections) presents a local page just so that there's a connect button on the page. You won't get a connect button on most other networks, and if you do it will go through a convoluted series of steps to figure out who you are instead of just adding them.

Anyway at the top of this page is a link to the remote profile. Click that.
Michael MD
ok thanks

I guess didn't think to look closely enough for the link there!
I only noticed that there were no profile details or related information in the content area on that page and too quickly went back to the view displaying the connection request.

I probably just assumed too much that the link would be in the same view as the connection request.

In a way it actually is there too
just not in the form of separate clickable link.

I saw it when hovering over the avatar,
but clicking on it went to the chanview, which I had already briefly seen by clicking on another nearby link - but even the second time I probably just didn't look closely enough at the chanview  :-)
Michael MD
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I guess they forgot about the sound of misaligned azimuth  :-)

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just saw some spraci events come into my friendica network stream so looks like federation for spraci listings events might be working!

eg: https://spraci.info/profile/x2london

that relays public events listed here:

also for Sydney: https://spraci.info/profile/sydney

Melbourne: https://spraci.info/profile/x0melbourne

and quite a few other cities

next thing here is to make something to sync public events people add to those pages back to the listings
so if you want to post your events feel free to do so.

It is not intended to be one-way and hoping other listings sites will eventually wake up to federation and do something like this too.

I run both sites so its not a problem to do this and I don't need to send anything anywhere else to do it.

Liberate your public events from those walled gardens!

note: if you post events to those pages only post public events please,
anything with non-public permissions will be ignored by sync scripts.

also for it to work events MUST contain machine-readable dates

so if posting from Friendica or Hubzilla post it as an EVENT
or if from elsewhere add this at the top of the description:

(the start date of the event in year-month-day iso date format - in the same timezone as the city of the page)
if you know the start time you can do YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss

mask sure theres an empty line between that and the rest of your description

#events #gigguide #gigs #parties #nightlife #clubbing #festivals #federation

make Friendica and Hubzilla addons for other sites to use to display a list of events in date order with user-configurable filtering rules.

also I need figure out how the new events types in the Diaspora protocol work and add support to Friendica and Hubzilla.  (saw a "todo" about that in the source code so I guess there)
(guessing Diaspora will soon have events features using that - when its widely supported by real sites it would probably be better to use that!)
Michael MD
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seeing links to things I don't have here .,,

probabky time to look at updating Hubzilla here
Michael MD
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but git came back with the same version (according to the CHANGELOG file).. maybe not time yet?

maybe the addons need updating
Michael MD
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hey does anoyne know where I could find a boot floppy for an old ensoniq eps sampler? (I have no idea what happened to that floppy!)
Michael MD
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even though the old spraci protiles are gone (not the friendica ones but the earlier ones)
I still see crawlers constantly trying to fetch them.

I consider crawlers obsessed with user profile pages and nothing else to be suspicious and they will go in a ban list.
Michael MD
still undecided about those features in spraci ..

the links in spraci still point to friendica but most of that customisation isn't in the friendica instance any more.

so currently not implemented until I decide where to go with all that.

likewise with the forums.. those are more likely to come back sooner, but probably done as something more like the old traditional forums  
with added federation features rather than an attempt to get any platform to do what spraci needs.

("traditional forums" - the style users are used to - they aren't used to the concept of needing to join a forum on the same website they are already logged into!)

meanwhile I'll let those stupid crawlers see 404's for a while...
Michael MD
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why do some tags have links and others don't (not even a local search)?

also annoying is that there are so many posts that don't have a comment field.

If I post something I have to accept the possibility that someone might comment on it.
not allowing comments would be silly, because if they can't comment there they might do it somewhere else, and I might not see that comment!

don't get me wrong though, in my opinion its still the best platform of its class
Michael MD
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if you want me to go to your event and there is a ticket price,
make sure there are tickets available on the door.

don't ask me to put credit card details into a web browser unless I can be 100% there are no upstreams in that browser!

and don't suggest a phone app - THAT IS WORSE
Michael MD
I would rather not use that method of payment even offline, because I don't like the idea of giving such credentials to strangers.
Michael MD
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here's an idea for a browser privacy feature if anyone out there is writing a privacy-oriented browser for devices with GPS, such as phones.

It might be nice if browsers could have a "fuzzyness" setting for locations provided by the html5 location api.
(eg randomised within a user-adjustable range around the real location)

It would be a nice for users to be able adjust the accuracy appropriately for different sites and services

so they could choose to have better privacy when things don't need so much accuracy
(eg a site might have a navigation helper to take them to a page for their city - in which case only city level accuracy would be needed for it to work, or a forum or social network could have an option to display the city on their profile. There are probably plenty of other use cases that only need something like city, region or suburb level accuacy)

and they could also choose to have better/full accuracy when something does need it
(eg when they want to look up street maps, transport maps, etc)

just a random thought that came up
Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
I don't really like how so many theads don't allow comments.

I think its a bad idea to turm off commenting on channels because if people can't comment there they will probably just post their comments somewhere else and you will miss seeing the comments!
Michael MD
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now have tls working
Michael MD
also updated Hubzilla .
Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
browser removing a users ability to delete cookies by domain?

I think I'll boycott that "upgrade" because thats a downgrade

people need to dig their heels in over that kind of nonsense

I don't expect that dnt silliness about asking some untrusted site to track you to store a setting not to track you to be of any use to anyone.

users must stay in control wrt cookies - don't ever allow anything to hyjack that!

those settings MUST stay!

also people need to protest about those stupid upstreams that leak every url

browsers need to be forced to respect user privacy.
Michael MD
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the Friendica instance here will probably be closed down soon.

In the mysql error log I found evidence that its trying to force the tables over to innodb BEHIND MY BACK

I did not expect friendica to sneak behind the backs of admins like that,

I feel betrayed

too much broke after the last update anyway

maybe time to give up on it and pull the plug.

too much else to fix around here.

for the nice people on that network .. you might still find me on Hubzilla or elsewhere ..  

ok maybe a day or two .. if no explanation turns up by then its bye

starting to remove the links from spraci anyway because I've pretty much given up on it already.
Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
updates have to wait .. until I work out the "why" about some of what I see

what i really need here is to find some LOCAL people .. where I can talk IN PERSON

just as things were starting to look like things were starting to settle down and I could start rebuilding things
(not just onlike - but pretty much everything else too) , all hell breaks loose again

I can't live with this

I can't see any way to any way to live with that

I might pull the plug on anything that doesn't start explaining any of this

I can't do any blind faith stuff

if I end up pulling the plug on two decades of my life I no doubt I will look for other ways to what I love

I can't live in a world without passion

and passion can NEVER be about anything so boring as points scoring
that is boring, was always boring and will always be boring

nothing can change that

if it comes to that could someone at least get in touch to help document two decades spraci's history

anyne that was inviolved over the years is as always welcome but also anyone else too ..

that isn't just about me or what I remember ..  

anyone who contributed in any way however small .. even if it was just a listing or post or even looked at the listing and went an event they saw there.
that would be a lot of people over the years.

even if I do see some way for spraci to exist and it does continue I'd STILL like to document its history and would appreciate advice about how to do it.

email me at the .com address if you have any suggestion
(or if you are local call me and lets chat in person)


regarding unexplained code changes out there - i can see what some of that does, but I do need answers to the why questions.  and clear ones .. not wishy-washy hints that don't say much except worsen the climate of fear.

if I pull the plug I will know doubt be one of many .. and that many would plenty of others where anguish like "decades of my life" comes up..

hopefully I might meet some of them in person in future adventures

that hope is probably all thats left ..  

without it it would would become impossible to even live..

but hope cannot just be that for long.

much longer and Ill probably pull the plug on the interenet generally
(even if that means pulling the plug on pretty much everything about "career" in the past couple of decades .. sure that hurts but what else can I do? .. there is a limit to how much a human being can take of the kind of crap that seems to be taking over everything in recent years)

anyone with anything on spraci (any part of it) they still  want email me  at the .com address

but don't take too long because unless I say a way forward for anything soon or someone willing to help or even offer advice on any of it .. I might soon pull the plug on ALL of it.

even if it goes that for any advice on documenting its (over two decades of) history would be appreciated.

yes its a call out for anyone who can help in any way .. any idavice ,, anything that isn't silience or fear ..
or even to just remember better times.. whatever ..

but do it soon...  while you still can

I guess some of that should also be contributed to a larger project documenting internet history ..

if such a project exists out there.

well if one doesn't turn up soon then I don't see much hope of finding it later in a world of censorship everyhere.

if you have something to say try to find a way to talk in person ..

becaue if things keep going like this it won't be long till that might be the only way.

if I do "pull the plug" .. that might not just be about websites

if it comes to that ... no point complaining abot "fragmentation"  ..
not doubt billions of others will have pulled those cables out.

yes it hurts me deeply to even consider so totally turning my back on decades of my life, and that includes pretty much all that might resemble a "career" .. what next is unknown too and that is frightening ..
but there is only so much any human can take of the kind of hell some haters out there unleashed.

no doubt the brown stuff will hit the fan one day about that stuff and when it does I'll probably joing the queue for compensation..

until then for the nice people out there (the majority) maybe well meet on person one day ..
or maybe will cross paths in some new communications context that doesn't exist yet.

well when enough people start missing what they forgot about some might start building something
if any humans still exist by then.
Michael MD
yeah typos ..

I don't care
Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
if people are so worried about privacy why do so many people copy/paste links with ?utm_ query strings into their posts?

you'd think they would want to remove stuff like that in those query strings first

Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
stumbled across this .. https://diaspora.github.io/diaspora_federation/entities/event.html


location is where it should be
Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
Google seems to think I'm in Perth

Michael MD
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rebuilding after major server crash

now on a new vps instance struggling to get everything working again ..
(have access to all the files from the old vps but a few things have changed between debian 6 and debian 9 and getting everything working again is not so simple,

however it looks like this Hubzilla instance is working again now..
(not much trouble at all - same files, same directories, pretty much the same nginx config despite a newer version of that too - and the mysql database files just copied over work fine in the new Mariadb  (another nice thing about myisam tables! :-) )
easy - ..  compared with nearly everything else so far)

but not so lucky with the Friendica instance ..

Friendica keeps saying this: ERROR: folder view/smarty3/ must be writable by webserver.

but it IS writeable ..

and in logs I also see that it can't open include/friendica_smarty.php  
but its there and looks readable...

some kind of autoloader wierdness?

(whenever see I anything named as such in anything things break - too much mystery around those things)

or something else trying to do do something too clever to work properly with paths?  


any ideas anyone?
Michael MD
I will also have to hold off updates to Hubzilla until I can be sure that updating that won't bring in similar problems.

there is no point worrying about themes or customisation if updating could bring in that much trouble .. too much else to do right now

its getting to the point where I might decide to drop ALL "platforms" and look at building some sort of basic connectivity from scratch.

at least then when somerthing breaks I'll have some idea about where to look.

(working out where is what used to be easy in old versions of friendica but that after that last update a month or so ago a lot of it is so abstracted that not even grep -R is much help. to me thats a bad sign)

guessing those sorts of problems are why there seem to be less and less public servers out there connected to ANY federated network

problems related to too many dependencies, abstraction to the point where it becomes obfuscation and generally too much complexity where it isn't needed are happening in pretty much everything out there.

lets hope those diseases don't end up destroying the last remaining traces of freedom.
Michael MD
turns out it might not need those files ..

but I can't see any quick way to fix right now other than to make the function in items.php trying to call that just return
(as it does for old php versions - sure php7 is not old but at least it stops it trying to load stuff it can't find - I don't really need to detect languages anyway - that addon for that is not enabled so don't know why it was still trying to load that stuff)

I'm guessing there might be something with pear or composer that I could do but want to know more about those first before I take any risks.

I'd need to make sure that anything that pulls anything from remote sources only changes things when I can watch it and deal with any issues that come up.
I don't like things breaking on the server without me knowing about it.

if anyone is wondering about the lack of any pull requests in so many years its because so far its never been possible to run pretty much anything without it needing some local hacks just to ether get it working or even just sanity ..

(when its the latter "sanity" can mean also small things things like not wanting anything in a webserver doc_root to have database auth details in it)

local hacks obviously can't be pushed to other people.

so all I can do is describe this stuff so that it might be helpful for anyone facing similar problems or anyone trying to fix anything,

that is why I'm saying this stuff .. I very much like both projects and none of this is a put down of anything.
Michael MD
was looking yesterday at lots of sites trying to work out the "why" part of a lot of code changes I see (not only here -
its happening in nearly everything out there - sim8ilar things in other lanfguages too) ..

us ther any clear explanation of that stuff anywhere ?

(one that doesn't gloss over any crucial "why" parts that might be needed to see why any extra complexity is worth the trouble )

and also
autoloaders are scary  - what tells it what to map to where?

and please can we not have new database tables mysteriously appearing as innodb .. I think Ive made myself clear enough times about how I feel about innodb wrt reliability and it being much harder to minimise downtine when a disaster happens)