Michael MD
 Sydney, AU 
here's an idea for a browser privacy feature if anyone out there is writing a privacy-oriented browser for devices with GPS, such as phones.

It might be nice if browsers could have a "fuzzyness" setting for locations provided by the html5 location api.
(eg randomised within a user-adjustable range around the real location)

It would be a nice for users to be able adjust the accuracy appropriately for different sites and services

so they could choose to have better privacy when things don't need so much accuracy
(eg a site might have a navigation helper to take them to a page for their city - in which case only city level accuracy would be needed for it to work, or a forum or social network could have an option to display the city on their profile. There are probably plenty of other use cases that only need something like city, region or suburb level accuacy)

and they could also choose to have better/full accuracy when something does need it
(eg when they want to look up street maps, transport maps, etc)

just a random thought that came up