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!Hubzilla Support Forum I saw this go by and sighed. Not at the HZ devs but at the Debian ones.

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Update PHP Version check during Setup.
Update PHP Version check during Setup.

Hubzilla 4.0 requires PHP7. The oldest still supported PHP branch is 7.1. So check during Setup for PHP >= 7.1. (cherry picked from commit 3f13c85b)

The issue is that Debian Stable is stuck on 7.0. No worries I thought to myself, there will be a 7.1 or 7.2 I can use from backports. No dice. My options are:

1: Stick at PHP7.0, which is EoL and prevents me from upgrading to HZ 4.0.x.

2: Install PHP7.3 from Debian Testing. This is obviously not recommended on a production server that is on a Stable OS for a reason.

The Debian devs have really dropped the ball on this one. Hubzilla can't be the only PHP thang that was on 7.0 and has been bumped to 7.1 and is hosted on Debian Stable.
Heiko Förster
I do not think, that you will avoid with Docker, that the mails will be forwarded into the Spam folder. The providers forward the mails depends of the content into the Spam folder.

I would not run everything together in one container. Take docker-compose and create with that for every component a separated container. I use docker-compose and created a container for the database, a container for the program hubzilla and a container for the werbserver. Docker-compose starts all together and it will also restart every container separated if it has an error (depends of the configuration in the docker-compose.yml file). The communication between the containers are in a private network in docker-compose. That is like firewalls. Only the webserver can communicate with hubzilla and only hubzilla can communicate with the database.
Sandor Kunyik
My point is to avoid all email providers by running your own service, precisely configured for system reporting and user registration - never to be open for public access. If you are to separate the pieces why limit to issues with php, Hubzilla or MySQL, lets do a complete production-grade solution.

For some reasons the importance of email service required by php applications are not emphasized enough, and I am including all php-based software not just Hubzilla. I use Joomla a lot, and Joomla has solid config for external email, not requiring mail() to be used. So my point is, if you are to VPS, docker-compose and virtualize a lot across layers (box to VPS, VPS to Docker Container, Docker Container to Virtualmin for example, 3 layers!) you do better when the email is sitting as close to the hardware as possible. That way you can use email services with confidence... you do not need to rely on all sort of limitations and restrictions from commercial providers... Your email keeps working no mater what virtualization layer you need to rebuild... etc...

By the way, I am not arguing any solution proposed by anyone. I only recommend if you are to implement a production-grade Hubzilla node, first gain full control over every part of the network. The first piece should be a dedicated server with a good IP for email, and some form of virtualization for DNS and LDAP. This of course goes way beyond the scope of the OP but I cannot help myself mentioning it. Disroot, the Internet Society, the EFF are few of many entities advocating becoming your own server operator, and they also believe the only right way to do it is by implementing every and all recommended internet standards.

I never used Docker before, let alone docker-compose, but I am going to start using it soon. So far I used LXC and LXD cluster with MAAS on my local networks, so I am going to love Docker for sure. Docker-composer sounds promising, and I am going to give it a try on AWS or GAE. Virtualmin also have support for AWS, GCE, and Docker so production-grade use is guaranteed.
Max Kostikov
Since php mail() for registration keeps ending up in spam folders a fully configured mail service (DKIM, DMARC, SFP) is a must

You can use any active mail account with Hubzilla via phpmailer addon as well.