Thomas Runge
!Hubzilla Support Forum Hello!

I see that there is an #XMPP addon for #Hubzilla. Where do I find information about how this works and how I need to set it up?

Actually I would be interested in this question in general: where do I find information about Hubzilla addons, how they work and how to set them up?

Thanks! :)
M. Dent
There are times when you don't want the underlying messaging platform to federate, however, and you only want the ability for remote users to authenticate to your server with their personal channel.  This is the case with most (though admittedly not all) of the applications I can conceive of in the commercial and non-profit arena.  You don't always want bits of the conversations spread around different servers - but you also don't want your users to need to set up separate usernames/passwords - and it would be better to just add their channel to a privacy group and permit access that way.

Admittedly, this is a "different solutions for different problems" type situation, but there are numerous applications that make it not "useless".

Also - I haven't looked at the MM code, but since it is MIT licensed it's a potential good starting point for what you want to do.  It may be at least a source for front-end look/feel - you may be able to nab the JS and write a simple plugin to interface with Hubzilla in order to present the full-screen chat view.
Fair enough, but there is little Mattermost can do that isn't possible with XMPP, thus why limit yourself to a platform that doesn't federate? Federation is anyways optional with XMPP. Another strong point is that you can setup ConverseJS with anonymous logins (no registration required) and thus use it as a really convenient public support chat as sometimes seen on commercial e-commerce sites. There are even some quite good chat-bot integration systems for XMPP.

@muppeth My plan to link ejabberd to HubZilla though Nextcloud's user_sql is not working right now, as HubZilla uses a pretty uncommon "whirlpool" hashing algorithm for the passwords in the database. It will be supported in version 4.0 of the user_sql plugin though and that will come out together with Nextcloud14 in a few weeks. I believe I can wait until then ;)
M. Dent
Not at all arguing the benefits of XMPP... If you have the time and ability, I'm all for any work done to make Hubzilla better!  And I think a well integrated XMPP solution would be GREAT!

My only thought was that MM is a fairly full fledged product that gains significant functionality for the HZ platform in the general direction you are looking without the need to recreate large portions of the wheel.  As a wheel recreator myself, I have no basis to say it is bad/wrong - but I know for me it always takes longer than expected and if there is something "off the shelf" that can be modified (or canibalized), I've learned that it's at least worth considering in order to "bootstrap" and gain the functionality and buy time for a more robust solution.  That's all.