osada for social networking, hubzilla for the rest (?)

phani (Hubzilla)
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getting to know a bit more about the #ZOTiverse i'm thinking to set up an #OSADA hub for social networking, the little of it that i engage in, and keep the #hubzilla hub i already have for things like forums, webpages, and whatever else may come to mind.

as i understand from @Mike Macgirvin's infrequent hints, both should be able to connect to #diaspora eventually, with the drawback that #NomadicIdentity can't be used then. means i'll run HZ without diaspora app but OSADA with it enabled. and the two of them will be able to connect to each other, right?

my question: is OSADA already useable, in a sort-of working state, or should i wait a while setting it up? (temporary hangups while switching to a new version won't bother me much.)
Matze ???? (isle8.uber.space) (hubzilla)
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It is true, that I can login in a private window, but I can't see the posts. So I take it back: It doesn't quite work (, yet).
Michael MD
maybe "private windows" don't do cookies ...
(logins by definition would need the site logged into to know its you/your account)  

but generally not sure if "private windows" are REALLY private anyway (eg "search"/"malware" upstreams, etc) so not really sure if theres is much point bothering with so-called "private windows"

lost trust in the big browsers a few years ago .. still looking for a decent alternative
Well, I am using private tabs in Firefox and Chromium all the time because they are a way to check out how channel b be sees channel a, whether message sourcing works and all that.