Beni Grind
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Someone answered a private post of mine from Mastodon over activitypub which basically lead to them @-mentioning everyone who could see my post. Is this a Mastodon or Hubzilla problem?
Anmol Sharma
Mastodon have four options. The last one is DM or you may call it private message. I don't know how safe it is,after reading the above conversation. I am really fed up of using Mastodon. I always feel that I am not in control of my own post called  as "Toots" and tracking the conversation is hard too. Its just good for people who needs mass publish updates on regular intervals.
I am done many more posts on Mastodon,but I must say there is no constructive talk there.
Mike Macgirvin
We were discussing the possibility of restricting the mentions to only those connections on a particular server. I haven't researched further but I believe this is possible. It doesn't fix the problem (only Mastodon can do that), but it reduces the exposure a bit.
Anmol Sharma
@Mike Macgirvin
When I comment on the reshare  of connected Mastodon connection the comment never appear on the Mastodon if I am not connected to the person who's post is reshared. This is known or this is happening to me only?