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When looking at an incoming connection request, where is the link to their public profile
(to see it on their site)

the only link I see there is a local one

The reason for posting this is this;

I just received a connection request
(from a diaspora site but for this it probably doesn't really matter which network it comes from)

Their profile nick had a gambling-related word in it so wanted to check just in case it could be spam.

The local profile view was only blank.

I ended up having to retype it to go to their site .. (annoying)

When I went to look at their remote profile their site
displayed a message saying that the account had been deleted.
( "their site" just meaning the site they use - it was a public server)

An account being deleted so soon after making connection requests could also be a hint that it could have been a spammy connection request!

so worth checking and whether or not that connection request was actually spam finding out that it was a deleted account is good too
(to avoid approving a connection to something that doesn't exist!)

of course Its good to have the local link there too

so why not have both?
Mike Macgirvin
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The chanview app (which is called when you click a profile link from the directory or from your connections) presents a local page just so that there's a connect button on the page. You won't get a connect button on most other networks, and if you do it will go through a convoluted series of steps to figure out who you are instead of just adding them.

Anyway at the top of this page is a link to the remote profile. Click that.
Michael MD
ok thanks

I guess didn't think to look closely enough for the link there!
I only noticed that there were no profile details or related information in the content area on that page and too quickly went back to the view displaying the connection request.

I probably just assumed too much that the link would be in the same view as the connection request.

In a way it actually is there too
just not in the form of separate clickable link.

I saw it when hovering over the avatar,
but clicking on it went to the chanview, which I had already briefly seen by clicking on another nearby link - but even the second time I probably just didn't look closely enough at the chanview  :-)