Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA (Map) 
!Hubzilla Support Forum Due to a bad privacy setting on my behalf, my moderation queue is flooded with spam. Is there an easy way to just wipe the entire queue? Trying to click Delete on every single item takes forever, and due to a lack of paging, it's impossible to know where the end of the spam is.
Thomas Runge
A checkbox "I'm a bot [ ]"

Just to be sure give it some of the crappy "What symbols do you see"-Captchas below so that the bot feels challenged ;)
Mike Macgirvin
Back to the original problem since I didn't see any sign of it being resolved yet.

delete from item where item_blocked = 4

This will remove any moderated items on your server, including those owned by others. If you want to be more specific add "and uid = xx" replacing xx with your channel_id.

This is begging for improvement.
Sean Tilley
Perfect, thank you Mike! grinning face