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The EFF Privacy Badger plugin breaks the profile images on the directory page (and perhaps elsewhere).  See screenshot.  If I turn off the plugin for, or disable the plugin altogether, then reload, the images come back.  

Michael MD
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just tried it here in Firefox

yes on the first load the images were missing and I saw a "permission denied" message,
but when I clicked on the Privacy Badget icon I saw a switch there for a hubzilla domain
.. when i switched that to green and refreshed the page it worked fine..

Yes Hubzilla's use case is benevolent, but Privacy Badger has to also deal with other kinds of third party scenarios out there in the world that are not so nice. How would it know?

Privacy Badger shows switches for each domain.. I can set the hubzilla sites to green and refresh and it loads fine.

Interestingly - when I loaded the directory page again later the page loaded fine without any problems
There were now three switches showing in Privacy Badger, all Hubzilla sites, all already set to green
I guess it somehow saw those as similar to what I had switched to green before (possibly because the requests it saw were similar?)
and it had preselected green for the other hubzilla domains.

so guessing its probably not a big problem as long as the user is aware of the switches in Privacy Badger.

DNT is a bit of a mystery to me (not the header itself, but what websites would do when they see it),
from what I read it looked like it would need a website the user might not trust to keep track of a setting for a user to say that they don't want to be tracked .. doesn't make sense somehow, - or have I misunderstood?
Christopher M. Rasch
How is the user going to know that Privacy Badger is causing Hubzilla images to break?  I initially thought that the site was broken, until I happened to look at it on a browser that didn't have any plugins installed, and saw that the images were there.  Maybe the documentation should have a troubleshooting section to explain how Privacy Badger could be causing problems like this.
Mike Macgirvin
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I just did some poking and it seems that our dnt-policy.txt document is missing and I don't know when this occurred. I haven't looked at privacy badger in probably 5 years. You're welcome to revive this and see if it improves the situation. It didn't when we first implemented it.