Michael MD
 Sydney, AU last edited: Wed, 04 Apr 2018 22:06:15 +1000  
even though the old spraci protiles are gone (not the friendica ones but the earlier ones)
I still see crawlers constantly trying to fetch them.

I consider crawlers obsessed with user profile pages and nothing else to be suspicious and they will go in a ban list.
Michael MD
still undecided about those features in spraci ..

the links in spraci still point to friendica but most of that customisation isn't in the friendica instance any more.

so currently not implemented until I decide where to go with all that.

likewise with the forums.. those are more likely to come back sooner, but probably done as something more like the old traditional forums  
with added federation features rather than an attempt to get any platform to do what spraci needs.

("traditional forums" - the style users are used to - they aren't used to the concept of needing to join a forum on the same website they are already logged into!)

meanwhile I'll let those stupid crawlers see 404's for a while...